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Apr 18 2014

Oil burner gift set from Action

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Hello, everyone! How are you doing today on this lovely Good Friday? I sure hope everyone is doing well.

I have never ever done a ‘haul’ blog before, so I’m going to give it a try and show off something that I purchased today at a store here in Holland called Action.  A brand new Action opened today in Delft, the city that I was born in, and it was crazy busy, which didn’t really surprised me, because Action is one of those so called ‘low-budget’ chains with stores here in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. They sell anything from cleaning products, office products, clothing, home accessories, electronics, candy, toys and much more!

To get back to my haul blog, I purchased this oil burning gift set with scented aromatherapy oils and a ceramic oil burner. The set includes twelve little bottles with oils for each month with different scents.



The scents included are:

January – Rose
February – Vanilla
March – Jasmin
April – Lavender
May – Blue Water
June – Wood
July – Musk
August – Sandalwood
September – Blueberry
October – Strawberry
November – Honeydew
December – Mango

This package is definitely something that would be a great gift for a friend/acquaintance, family member or maybe just for yourself. The gift set at Action is available for only €4,99! There is also a compact version available that includes a ceramic oil burner and three little bottles of oils for €1,89. I personally thought the bigger gift set is better and it would last longer.



Unfortunately, I don’t have any little tea candles at home at the moment. I totally forgot to get a box today when I was out and about. It will be the first thing I will get after the weekend. I can’t wait to try it out. So far the scents already smell divine.

How to use oils, pour a few drops of oil in the ceramic oil burner with a teeny tiny bit of water. Lit a tea candle and place it underneath the top of the ceramic oil burner and that’s all. Your personal space, or someone else’s space, will smell lovely and it will sooth the mind and mood.



There are tons of different scented oil burning sets. Do you sometimes burn scented oils? Which ones do you use or like?

On another note, I don’t go shopping that often, but if I do would you like to see a haul blog with what I bought and what my  thoughts are about it? Let me know in the comments! :) Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope everyone will have a great Easter weekend. Ta-ta for now!

Apr 17 2014

Nsync – Pop

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Here’s a Throwback Thursday music video. So today, since it’s Thursday, it would be a great excuse to throw Nsync’s Pop music video in your face! This video is not from the 80′s or 90′s, but when you hear the song you might think “where did the time go”, right? This video is from 2001! Freakin’ twelve years ago!

Still love the track. And Justin Timberlake looked so damn yummy in this video. I mean when doesn’t he look hot, right? Enjoy and have an awesome day!

Apr 16 2014

What if Madonna read my blog?

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Wow, can I get someone to ring the GEEK alarm, please? I did a little mock-up of a picture of Madonna, that was taken at the Buzzfeed office on Monday evening, and I did some creative photoshopping and ended up with the following…


Madonna is checking out my blog! Have you ever? Looks kinda neat right? I’m such a nerd, I know. I was bored and came up with this little idea. What if Madonna really read my blog? Yeah, right. I highly doubt that. The woman wouldn’t care. She’ll be like “Hmm, who is this little fucker?”.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share with you. The picture ended up looking like a nice little promo badge for my blog. I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far! Ta-ta for now!

Apr 13 2014

50 Random Questions Tag

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Hello, everyone! How are you all doing on this lovely Sunday? I hope everyone is doing great. I thought it would be fun to post another blog tag with some questions and answers. Are you excited? This is called the 50 Random Questions Tag. Alright, let’s get the party started, shall we?


1. What is your best friend’s name?

I call her ‘mom’ :)

2. Who would you throw into the Bermuda Triangle?

No one!!

3. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?


4. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Isn’t everyone? Isn’t that what you’re suppose to do?

5. Have you ever stolen a street sign?

Hmm, no never.

6. Do you always smile for pictures?

Yes! You’re never fully dressed without a smile, right?

7. Do you ever dance even if there is no music playing?

Yeah, I do. Like a maniac!

8. How many people have you slept with this week?

None! I’m no slut.

9. What is your song of the week?

TLC’s Creep. An oldie, but goodie.

10. Do you still watch cartoons?

Hmm, not really. But I don’t mind watching it.

11. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

In my ass. Nah, just kidding. Someone in the middle of nowhere, I guess.

12. Heels or flats?

No heels!! I’m a freakin’ boy!

13. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

Clueless, for sure. Never gets boring. A recent movie I seen called Geography Club, I could watch that over and over as well ;)

14. Last person you kissed?

That was a long time ago. Some Canadian guy.

15. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

Sure. As long it’s tastefully done. :)

16. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

About two years ago.

17. Can you change the oil on a car?

No! LOL.

18. Are you dating?

Dating? I hate that word. I am committed to one person.

19. Describe your ideal proposal?

Ooh, when a guy gets down on his knees and hold my hand, at any romantic setting like on top of a mountain. Aah!

20. Are you lazy?

Yes, I am sometimes.

21. How many languages can you speak?

3 and a quarter. LOL.

22. Are you stubborn?

I used to be. But I think I’m mellowed down with being stubborn. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

23. Ever watch soap operas?

Not anymore. When I was younger I used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful. Thinking back I came to realize it’s just aweful.

24. Nicknames

Lee, Lindy (my mom calls me that), Boo-Butt (my boyfriend calls me that)

25. Ever used a gun?

No never, and I don’t want to, ever.

26. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Gosh, 14 I think? With a girl! Weh!!

27. What color was the last bra you bought?

Are you saying that I have man-boobs? Geez!

28. Does anyone know the password to your email address?

Nope, no one!

29. Do you want any tattoos?

I already have a couple of  those.

30. Any strange habits?

Strange? Hmm, nothing really. I have a bad habit and a nasty one too, which is smoking (very, very bad). I am addicted to Diet Coke.

31. What’s the worst abuse you have done to your phone?

None! My iPhone is precious and I love it with all my heart.

32. What ever happened with you and your first gf/bf?

First boyfriend? Well, when I lived in Ireland there was this Frenchie I dated for several months. He got caught by a friend of mine, snogging with someone else. So, there ya go.

33. How old do you think you will be when you have your first child?

I don’t know. I do want one, tho. Hopefully before I am 40? It also depends on my significant other and what he wants.

34. Are you a risk taker?

No, not reall. I usually avoid risks. LOL.

35. What happened the last time you cried?

I was listening to Hunter Hayes’ Wanted. I know, I’m pathetic.

36. Honestly, are things going the way you planned?

Right now, they are! Finally!

37. What’s your worst habit?

Smoking and Diet Coke.

38. What’s your favorite thing about your gf/bf/crush?

His voice and his smile.

39. Have you ever bitten your toes nails?

Eew, no!

40. Do you have any strange phobias?

Spiders! Yuk! And I have a phobia of people who hate. Is there a word for that?

41. Do you miss anyone right now?

Yes, very much! :’( I hope he misses me too.

42. Who are you in love with?

My boyfriend! I love and care for him so much it hurts.

43. What do you want to know about the future?

Nothing! I like to be surprised. But there’s nothing wrong with planning the future.

44. Have you already planned your wedding?

No not yet.

45. Do people ever take you seriously?

I think they do. I hope so! LOL.

46. Why do you have a blog?

Because it’s a nice outlet to say what you wanna say! Sharing you thoughts, experiences and fun stuff.

47. How old are you?

33 years young!

48. What is the one thing you’ll never do again?

Be depressed. Such a waste of time, energy and emotions.

49. If you were the opposite gender. What name would you like to have?

Uhm… Madonna?

50. Which celebrity would you change lives with?

Again… Madonna! :)

Alrighty, that’s all the questions there is. If you want to do the tag on your own blog, just copy and paste the questions. You can also answer a question in the comments, if you like. I hope you enjoyed this blog tag! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Ta-ta for now! :)

Apr 10 2014

Last year my ass was on Ellen

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Exactly a year ago today, my ass made it on The Ellen Show. Ellen sometimes does these segments on her show, during her monologues, where she shares pictures people post on Facebook and Instagram, and one of the pictures I posted on my Instagram made the cut! Well, it’s actually a picture of my ass, but still… it was a proud moment I had.

Ellen’s monologue from that specific show was been uploaded to her YouTube channel and indeed, she is showing off my ass… in a ripped pair of Gap undies! She did a little segment during her monologue about her followers on Instagram and… well, see for yourself. My picture is shown at 2:52.

I never got in contact by one of Ellen’s team members about getting a pair of Ellen undies, but that’s okay. That moment no one can take away from me and it’s on YouTube forever, and watched by over 4 million people. Something to be proud of, I suppose. Even if it’s just my ass! LOL.