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Nov 22 2014

Record Fair + Madonna Vinyl Haul

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Here’s today’s vlog! I went to the 42nd Mega Record and CD Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands, which is a heaven for crate digging vinyl junkies. I purchased a lot of Madonna goodies. Check it out in my vlog! :)

I hope you enjoyed my vlog. I will post a seperate blog tomorrow with all the vinyls I bought, including pictures, for a better look. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! And be good, you hear? Ta-ta for now!

Nov 21 2014

Random November pictures

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Just a few random pictures of myself and some random stuff from this month! :) I edited these all with my favorite app called VSCO Cam! I hope everyone has an awesome and prosper Saturday!







Nov 20 2014

New passport pictures

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I am trying to be more consistent with vlogging! I hope I can keep up! Today, or actually yesterday, I finally had my passport pictures taken and there’s something to look forward to this weekend, because I am going to the biggest record and cd fair of the world! Very excited about that. More about that and other stuff on my new vlog! :)

Thanks for watching my vlog! And here’s a closer look at my new passport pictures.


I wish you all a great night/morning, wherever you are! :) Ta-ta for now!

Nov 19 2014

The 42nd Mega Record and CD Fair

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I am very excited to go to the biggest record and cd fair on Saturday! The Mega Record and CD Fair takes place twice a year in Utrecht, Netherlands and it’s literally a crate digger’s heaven! People from all over the world will visit the fair which will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Jaarbeurs Convention Centre.


I’ve been to the fair before, over fifteen years ago. It will be so much fun to go there and search for Madonna goodies to expand my collection! The last time I went there I was able to grab a few Madonna collectibles such as picture discs and other Madonna vinyls.

To give you an idea how big the fair is, check out some pictures from the previous years!





Pictures courtesy of Record Planet.


Wow, right? Something to look forward to! I intend to go there and not leave without some Madonna goodies! Which I’m sure won’t be an issue.


This is my current Madonna vinyl collection. I’m getting there. Slowly trying to expand it, step by step.

I don’t know what I will do when I am at the fair. I don’t know where to start, or what to look for. Yikes! I hope it won’t be too overwhelming for me. LOL! :) Wish me luck!!!

For more information about the 42nd Mega Record and CD Fair, check out the official site here!

Nov 18 2014

Weekend of no sleep

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Boy, did I had an interesting weekend of weirdness!! Check out my latest vlog and hear all about it. Also, check out the result of moving around my furniture in my living room!

Thanks for watching, everyone! I hope you all had a great start of the week! Ta-ta for now! :)

Nov 12 2014

Madonna’s Like A Virgin turns 30

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Don’t you think that time flies by super fast? Exactly 30 years ago today, on November 12th 1984, Madonna’s second album Like A Virgin was released. A classic in pop history! I can’t believe it’s been thirty years already! Thirty years! Wow, just wow!



The album featured a total of nine classic pop tracks, featuring the singles Material Girl, Dress You Up, Into The Groove and the title track Like A Virgin, which was Madonna’s first number one pop hit.

Like A Virgin tracklist:

  • Material Girl
  • Angel
  • Like A Virgin
  • Over And Over
  • Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
  • Dress You Up
  • Shoo-Be-Doo
  • Pretender
  • Stay





It’s unbelievable that it’s already been 30 years since this album came out. Where did the time go? I was only four years old at the time, and I was already a Madonna fan at that age. I remember my mom always spinning this record and I would dance around the living room. Since then my obsession with Madonna started.

Happy 30th anniversary to Like A Virgin!

Nov 12 2014

90’s Questions Tag

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Let’s do the 90’s Questions Tag, shall we? It’s a short questionnaire about my favorites from the 90’s. Are you ready? Let’s go!


1. Favorite TV show

Friends!! Big fan!! Still am today!! I also loved Beverly Hills 90210, Full House, Blosson, The Golden Girls… so much fun!

2. Favorite Toy

Nintendo Game Boy. The first one, with the dot matrix screen! I used to be so obsessed with it. As well as my Super Nintendo. I also had lots of Lego stuff that kept me entertained.

3. Favorite Commercial

I didn’t really had a favorite commercial back then. I liked some, but they’re Dutch, so I assume most of my readers wouldn’t know it.

4. Nsync or Backstreet Boys

Nsync!!! Duh!!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend

Shoulder pads, fanny packs, high waist jeans. LOL

6. Favorite Collectables

Thos trolls with the different colored hair! I used to own quite a lot of those in my pre-teen years.

7. Favorite Beanie Baby

I never owned one when I was young. I was a Monchhichi kid! :)

8. How many Tamagotchi’s did you go through?

Never owned one of those either.

9. Favorite Game Console + Game

Super Nintendo! My goodness, that brings back so many memories. Playing Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World.

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie

We didn’t have the Disney Channel in Holland back in those days.

11. Favorite Music Artist

Madonna, duh!

12. Favorite Nick Jr. show

We didn’t have Nick Jr. Back then either. We do now, I believe, but all shows are dubbed in Dutch.

13. Favorite Candy

I often sucked those jawbreakers fire balls. They were hot and tasty! :)

14. Favorite Game (Board game, School game, etc.)

There was this board game called Ghost Castle. I remember playing this a lot with my cousins and friends when I was a little kid.

15. Favorite McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

Ah, yes, I had many of those Happy Meals from McDonald’s. And I loved the Lion King toys I once got with a Happy Meal.

16. Favorite Book

The Witches by Roald Dahl. I also love the movie based on the book.

17. Favorite Clothing Store

I didn’t have any favorite clothing stores back then.

18. What would you watch when you’d get home from school?

Friends, Full House, Blossom. I often record episodes on VHS and watch it over and over!

Alrighty, this was fun! Typing these answers brought back a lot of memories from when I was a kid. Feel free to copy these questions and do the 90’s tag on your own blog. Add a link to it so I can check it out. Or you can post them in the comments if you don’t have a blog.

I hope you enjoyed my 90’s Questions Tag! If you have any other tag suggestions that I haven’t done before, let me know. Ta-ta for now! :)

Nov 11 2014

Not good but okay

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What’s up, everyone! How are you all doing? I was thinking just now, why I don’t post my vlogs on my blog! I should, right? It might help to get me more exposure. Because, the views of my vlogs have gone down drastically, it’s a shame.

So, I decided to post my vlogs on my blog, right after I uploaded it! And here’s my latest vlog from today! Enjoy!

Nov 10 2014

American Life album double 12″ vinyl

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A little Madonna treat got delivered this afternoon! Madonna’s American Life album on double 12″ vinyl! When I got home last night from my weekend getaway I received a note in my mailbox that saying they tried to deliver a package on Saturday, but I wasn’t home, so it got delivered today. I am very, very excited!

American Life was released in 2003 and it’s in my opinion a very underrated album. The whole album is just amazing! And I am glad I have in on vinyl now. My Madonna vinyl collection is slowly growing!








So, I am slowly working my way down getting Madonna’s albums on vinyl. I got the latest four albums, plus her first three albums, all on vinyl, so I will try to get the rest that’s in between and complete the collection of albums. I also want to have all her vinyl maxi singles and picture discs, so I’m looking out for those as well. It’s a great investment, in my opinion. I just love vinyl!

My next goal is to get Madonna’s album Music! I will order that one in the next couple of weeks. But, yeah, I am happy to have American Life on vinyl. What a great way to start my week! Woohoo! :)

Check out my Facebook page where I uploaded short clips of my Madonna vinyls in action. Have a great day, everyone!

Nov 9 2014

Weekend getaway

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Yesterday afternoon I went to my aunt up north, together with mom, dad and my cousin Merline. It’s the first time going on a little trip with my parents’ new wheels. My folks and cousin picked me up around 1pm and it was a two hour drive to where my auntie lives.







It was my aunt’s birthday just over a week ago and for her birthday I gave her the complete Friends series on DVD that I owned, because I got the BluRay box set. She wanted to copy the DVD’s but I figured to just give it to her. It also creates more space for me at home.

As soon as we arrived we got bombarded with food. So, I kinda had my little cheat weekend, so to speak. But I was still doing good, because I left out rice and noodles because of the carbs. I did had lots of snacks which may contained carbs, but oh well. YOLO, right? LOL.



We spent the night at my aunt’s place. On Saturday night everyone went to the casino, but I couldn’t go because my damn passport was expired. My dad contacted the casino before hand, but they informed I couldn’t get in. Such a pity. So my dad and I stayed in while the others went out and about.

The next day I woke up before noon. I took a shower, got dressed and had my first coffee of the day. We all just stayed in and hanged. My aunt got this massage chair and I had a little bit of a relaxing moment getting a back and neck massage for about half an hour. It was needed! LOL.




It was nice to be out of the house and spend the weekend with family. We went back home on Sunday evening, two hours drive back. We took a little pit stop halfway and we went to McDonald’s for a delicious Iced Frappe. I got home just before 11pm.



I need to do a shit load of laundry, but I am saving that for tomorrow. I’m just going to chill the night a way, watch the lastest episode of Scandal and just hang.

I hope you had a great weekend as well! :) Ta-ta for now!