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Jul 30 2014

Shopping at IKEA and Chinese food for dinner

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing great! I had a good day today. I took the train to Delft, because I had another therapy session, which was short but powerful.


After that I went to IKEA and did some shopping. I bought a small cabinet and a coat rack for my hallway. Also two delicious smelling scented candles and two storage boxes for my new cabinet. I love IKEA. I could browse around for hours! If you want to see what I purchased at IKEA, you can check out today’s vlog.

My folks and I had take out for dinner. Yummy Chinese food! I haven’t had any Chinese food in ages! Dinner was delicious and scrumptious. I treated my folks for dinner, just because I felt like it. They wanted to have Chinese and that’s what we got!



Whenever I am at my parents’ it’s always nice and quiet, because the area they live is not really in the city centre of Delft. So, I often find myself sitting on the balcony and just enjoy the calmness. Very zen! Especially shortly after a therapy session. It will put your mind at ease.



Since I had a lot of stuff to carry home, my folks dropped me off. But first we did some groceries, because I needed a few things.


Then my folks dropped me off at home and that’s basically how my day was like. Very random, but it was nice to have a little quality time with mom and dad.



I hope your day was great! Remember to check out my vlog on my YouTube channel if you wanna see what I got at IKEA! Anyway, I’m about to watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and then continue watching the rest of season 3 of Once Upon A Time. I hope y’all enjoy your day/nigh, wherever you are!

Jul 27 2014

A lazy and enchanted Sunday

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Today was a laid back day at home, doing some cleaning and dusting, and just be lazy and hanging. I watched the first five episodes of season 2 of Once Upon A Time. And it’s really good! I am really liking the show.

I also wanted to do some vlogging today, or at least do a one take vlog, but I ended up not to. Besides, the camera battery was totally drained, which sucks. But, it’s charging now, so I will do some vlogging tomorrow. It’s been a while!

Oh, when I completed watching the first season of Once Upon A Time on Netflix, which was early morning, I took a sleepy selfie before I departed to dream land.


Anyway, this was just a little blog post about my day. I’m going to continue and watch some more of Once Upon A Time. Speaking up, the guy who plays David Nolan/Prince Charming, is such a cutie! And seeing many scenes where he shed a tear makes him even more sexy! Just saying.


Hmm! Anyway, I’m outtie for now. Hope y’all have a great Sunday! :)

Jul 26 2014

Watching Insidious 2 with mom and dad

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I went to my parents’ this afternoon to do some minor shopping and when they dropped me off at home in the early evening, my parents wanted to watch Insidious 2 on Netflix, because they saw part 1 last night on television.

My parents needed to do laundry too at my place, because their washing machine is broken. So, watching the movie is what we did in the mean time, and I didn’t like the movie that much. Maybe I should have watched the first movie, I don’t know. There were some jumpy moments and as usual I put a pillow in front of my face.


But, it was nice to have my parents over. They just left and I took another “cool down” shower, which was needed. And now I’m going to continue with Once Upon A Time! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Jul 25 2014

Oh la la, you’re my superstar

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What’s up, everyone!?

I am taking a little break from watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. A new show I discovered! Last night I started watching the first season and I made it to episode ten! Gotta love some Netflix binge watching.


Also, yesterday I reached a full week of being 34! Yes, last week was my birthday. I didn’t do anything at all. I just stayed home and spend time with me, myself and I. And I liked it! It was also a very sad day. I am pretty sure you heard about Malaysian Airlines flight 17 crashing in the east of Ukraine. Such tragedy! It kinda sucks it happened on my birthday. I know, that’s sounds ignorant. It sucks that catastrophe happened, period! So many innocent souls lost their lives! It’s horrific! All family members who lost their loved ones on that flight are in my prayers.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I just wanted to drop a little line. I hope you’re all doing great! Let me know, okay? I’m gonna continue and watch Once Upon A Time. Be good, everyone! And remember, you are all superstars!


Jul 24 2014

The Bangles – Eternal Flame

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Last week I didn’t post a throwback music video, because it was my birthday and I didn’t feel like posting one. But this week I will. Let’s all get sappy with Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Remember The Bangles, everyone?

The Bangles are an American all-female pop rock band that originated in the early 1980s, scoring several hit singles during the decade.

Anyone remember this track?

Close your eyes… give me your hand, darling…