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Aug 29 2014

Happy Michael Jackson Day

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It’s the one and only King of Pop’s birthday today. If Michael Jackson was still alive he would have turned 56 today. Let’s remember and celebrate Michael Jackson and the musical genius that he is, who will always keep his spot on the throne, no matter what, forever and always. The legend, the icon, the king of pop! Happy MJ Day, everyone!


I will definitely blast some of MJ’s music today, to remember the man and his timeless music.

Aug 28 2014

New Edition – Candy Girl

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Here’s another throwback music video! I totally spaced and forgot to post one last week. But I think this one will make up for it, hopefully. Just hearing the track immediately brings back the feel and memories of the early eighties!

Let’s go back to 1983 with Candy Girl, by R&B boy band New Edition.

Aug 28 2014

Eating a baby cookie at age zero #throwback

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Look at me! Back in the old days, sitting on the balcony, wearing a fancy fisherman’s hat and eating a Liga baby cookie/biscuit. And look at our dog Duffy! I miss Duffy! Fun throwback picture from the old days!


Should this be a thing? Posting old pictures as a throwback Thursday kinda thing? I know I’m horrible with keeping up posting throwback music videos every week. I don’t know. I might post an old pic every now and then, on a Thursday.

Aug 27 2014

I’m Vectorized

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I was trying to be creative with this new app that I discovered called VectorSnap! You can basically import any picture and automatically vectorize it with just a few taps. With your vectorized image you can edit it further with other iPhoneography apps. You can make nice little artsy vector creations, without using expensive illustration software.



These two images was edited further with Phonto and Adobe Photoshop Touch. Fancy, fancy! I love it.

Aug 26 2014

Mister Beret

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It seems like fall is upon us here in Holland. I have been feeling a little bit under the weather today. Also had a major headache. I had to force myself to go outside to get some groceries. It was a good time to pull out my beret.


How do I look? Such a dork, right? LOL. Ayway, I hope everyone is having a great week. And feeling warm!

Aug 23 2014

My Thursday anger outburst

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You know, sometimes it’s hard to keep things in life positive and keeping your head up. Even when you’re trying so hard. The past couple of months I have been trying to stay on the right path with my mind, to stay positive and optimistic, no matter how certain things can get you down, to the ground. But last Thursday I just lost it completely.

My day started out great. Even tho I have been off my anti-depressants for a couple of days and feeling a little twitchy every now and then, trying to stay calm, breathe through certain chaotic issues that I kinda got thrown on me this week. Issues that I can’t really explain on my blog. Just a few setbacks that I haven’t counted on. Having moments where I feel the whole world was against me.

I had an appointment with my therapist about my medication and I explained that my week has been rather eventful and not in a good way. So, we both decided that I will stick to the lower dose (10mg) of my medication for the time being. I have another appointment next week to talk some more about it and see how I will be doing for the rest of the week.

After my appointment I went out with the folks and we did some groceries and then we headed back home for dinner. I felt kinda drained and also a bit vulnerable, but I just tried to keep my head up high and I didn’t show much of my vulnerability to my folks. Until there was something that really triggered an anger outburst.

There was a little argument between my folks that got me upset. Really, really upset. I won’t go into details, but I lost it, right then and there. And I know now that I shouldn’t have. I was so angry. I never, ever, had this kind of anger outburst in my life. At least, not that I can remember.

My behaviour was insane. And I shouldn’t have behaved the way I that I did. I threw things, things broke, I threw with food, plates, glasses, some of my mom’s candle holders. I was screaming and crying hysterically, mom was crying hysterically, my dad tried to calm both of us. It was really, really bad! I said some things that I shouldn’t have. Really bad things. I said bad things to my mom that I regret saying.

Thinking back about this whole ordeal that happened made me realise that so many little pieces of chaos, many little broken pieces, so much anger, disappointments, setbacks, etc. in my life and inside of me, just needed to get out. I know I am all about staying positive. Having a positive state of mind about everything. But last Thursday was just a moment where I still had some inner demons that needed to be released, so to speak.

After my little outburst hysteria, my parents and I hugged it out. Mom and I were crying it out in each others arms. I apologised to my mom for what I did, for breaking things and screaming like a maniac. Yelling things at her that I didn’t mean. Screaming and yelling so loud that would make the neighbours hide under a rock. We hugged and cried it all out for at least 15 minutes.

After the storm came to a rest we talked about it with calmness. I apologised again, saying I was sorry and that I love her so much. My mom mentioned that it’s okay. That I probably needed to act out my anger about the things in my life, the past, and everything else. That may not have been the best way to do it, but it must have been something that was needed.

I was so drained that night. My throat was a bit sore and my voice was a little raspy from all the yelling and screaming. When I was back home I took a shower and I needed to chill so bad. Mom and I were talking on Facetime later and my mom, bless her heart, was able to laugh a little about the extreme anger outburst. But in a good way, ofcourse. We talked some more and in the end I could laugh about it a little bit as well.

I never, ever, wanna have an anger outburst like that again. And to think it was triggered by something that wasn’t even something to be angry about. I disagreed with some thing that my folks were dealing with together, and I just lost it… badly!

But, that’s all in the past. It wasn’t the greatest experience, but in the end I did learn from it. Not to have an outburst like that, with screaming and throwing with things. It’s not the way to deal with it. Maybe it is for some people, tho. I don’t know. Thinking back about it, there’s always a different way to act out anger. Less extreme, you know what I mean? I talked about it with my folks, and we all decided to let it be and just forget about it ever happened.

So, that was how my week has been so far. Very chaotic! Right now, I am just being mellow and not think about the other negative setbacks that were thrown at me this week. But it’s hard, but I will manage it one way or another. Just not with an anger outburst like that again. No fucking way… it was exhausted. Exhausted and also kinda liberating. But yeah, not again!

Aug 19 2014

Photo Album update: Family time on Easter

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A little update to my photo album! Pictures of me and my cousins in Heerenveen on Easter, earlier this year. I thought I already put them on my photo album, but I didn’t. Until today!

Check out pictures of my cute and adorable little cousins, Jyron and Jessiah. Precious little angels. I hope you like the pictures! The direct link to the album is below.


Photo Album link
Out & About / 2014 / Heerenveen – April 21, 2014

Aug 17 2014

Unreleased Madonna track: The Beat Is So Crazy

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An unreleased Madonna track leaked on the Internet last night, and on Madonna’s birthday too! The track is called The Beat Is So Crazy and it was produced by Pharrell and it’s by Eve, featuring Madonna.

Thoughts, anyone?

What a nice treat to get an unreleased leak online, on Madonna’s birthday. It’s like a little present for the fans. That’s one way to look at it, right?

Aug 16 2014

Happy Birthday, Madonna

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Let’s all just have a little moment, okay? A little moment to celebrate the Queen of Pop, the one and only Madonna! My idol, my queen, my inspiration, the icon! Today it’s Madonna’s 56th birthday!!


I have been a fan of Madonna since the early 80′s, when I was about 4 years old. My mom used to play her records often when I was a little kid. Holiday, Like A Virgin, Into The Groove! And that’s when the obsession basically started. I grew up listening to Madonna. True Blue, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself.

The first concert I went to was Madonna, all the way back in 1990. I was only ten years old. I am fortunate to have seen her in concert nine times. I even had an up close and personal experience in 2004, during her Reinvention Tour, when I was one of the lucky people to watch the show in one of the two dance pits within the stage. An experience I will never ever forget. I even got a high-five and I touched her knee!

It’s all Madonna, all the time for me. I have been a fan for thirty freaking years! It’s madness when I think about it. And ’till this day, Madonna is still on top of her game. A legend! The one and only Queen of Pop, who paved the way for all those wannabe pop queens we have today.

Happy birthday, Madonna! Today I will celebrate you!!

Aug 15 2014

Strolling in Delft and plucking pears

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Before I went to see my folks I went strolling through the city centre of Delft, the city where I was born and raised. I wanted to get a late birthday present for my dad, but no luck. My dad also wants to have a Google Chromecast, so I went to the store that usually sell them, but they weren’t in stock. So, I will just get one later when I can find it somewhere. Or I’ll just give my dad some birthday money, so he can get it himself.

Anyway, it was nice strolling around in Delft. It’s been a while since I browsed the city along side the canals, the market square and the shopping area. I took some pictures of my hometown and I want to share them with you here on my blog. So you can see how beautiful and historical it looks!









After my little stroll, of about an hour, I went to my folks. I walked to their home, which is less than 30 minutes from the city centre. I needed to get some exercise, even tho it’s just walking for half an hour. It’s at least something, right?

My aunt from up north already arrived at my folks. She and her partner are spending the weekend at my parents’ place, because tomorrow my dad will have his little birthday party with friends and family. That’s something to look forward to.

When I got to my folks, we all left within an hour to go to a friend of my parents and have dinner there. She has this pear tree and my mom and aunt were allowed to pluck some pears and take it home. I didn’t get any, just my mom and my aunt.




And of course I had to take a couple of selfies with some nice pears! Some were funny looking, if you know what I mean. Now, get your mind out of the gutter, alright?





So, my day was pretty productive today. I’m looking forward to my dad’s birthday party tomorrow. Spending time with my cousins and having loads of laughs. It will be fun!

I hope everyone had a great Friday and I hope y’all have a great weekend. Do you have anything fun planned? Do share in the comments, if you like. Ta-ta for now! :)