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Haters Back Off – Meet Miranda Sings

Okay, I already know Miranda Sings, because I have been following her and watching her videos on YouTube for several years now. To those who don’t know who Miranda Sings is, well, check out this little feature that Netflix released.

There are some negative comments on that video, most likely from people who don’t understand Miranda Sings, or have a different sense of humor, or who have never seen a Miranda Sings video on YouTube, ever. But like the title of the show says: Haters Back Off!

I am excited for Haters Back Off! It will be released on Netflix on October 14th and it will be available worldwide!

I am so excited for Colleen Ballinger. She worked really hard on this show and make it come to life. And we finally get to meet Miranda’s uncle and her mom, who she has been referencing numerous times on her videos, but the viewers on YouTube had to use their imagination on what her uncle and mom could be like.

How excited are you for Haters Back Off?



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