Sending love to Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans

This is heartbreaking!

My favourite YouTuber, Colleen Ballinger, is divorcing her husband, Joshua Evans. I have been following their lives and watching both their channels for years and I have always thought they were one hell of a power couple and that their marriage would last forever.

Colleen and Josh posted a video on their channel today and shared this news with their fanbase. I won’t go into detail of what they’re saying in their videos, so check it out for yourself.

Colleen’s video:

Josh’s video:

Personally, I kinda had a feeling that something was up. As many others did who follow them both, there were a lot of moments in the past weeks where they weren’t together in vlogs anymore and Colleen has been with her family a lot. Also, Josh took a break from social media and hadn’t uploaded a video for several weeks. But deep inside I always thought, whatever obstacle there was, they would work things out, no matter what. It’s really heartbreaking.


I wish Colleen and Josh both a lot of strength and love throughout this devastating moment in their lives. Life always has it’s twists and turns and I hope they will both rise again and move on with their lives at some point. And I think it’s only fair to not choose sides. I am sure many out there are disappointed with the news. Many people, including myself, always admired their relationship. And it made many people believe in love. I love them both! They are both awesome, talented and kind people and I wish them both all the best and all the happiness in the world. My heart goes out to them and I send them both lots of strength.

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