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Haters Back Off – Official Trailer

Get ready, people! Miranda Sings is ready for her close-up!

The official trailer for Haters Back Off just got released by Netflix and it looks freakin’ awesome! The show will be released on Netflix on October 14th, worldwide, so y’all know that I will be binge watching that as soon as it comes out!

On the comments of the trailer I see quite some negative feedback from people, saying it looks like shit, or that comedy is dead. I don’t understand why those people even feel the need to comment negatively. Yes, Miranda Sings is annoying, but that’s what makes it so funny! Everyone has a different sense of humor, that’s one thing. And I also think you have to be familiar and actually watch and like Miranda Sings’ videos on YouTube. I can understand people will raise their eye browse when they first see the character. But still, like the title says: Haters… Back Off!!

Here is the official trailer, check it out!

I am super excited for Colleen Ballinger and the success that she has with Miranda Sings. She’s so talented and funny! Definitely one of my favorites, if not my all time favorite, YouTube! Congrats to you, Colleen! You worked hard for it. Can’t wait for October 14th!

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