Madonna at the Women’s March in Washington

My idol, Madonna, made a special appearance at the Women’s March in Washington and was introduced by comedian Amy Schumer. Madonna made a powerful speech against Donald Trump. She dropped the F-bomb and she said she was thinking about blowing up The White House, which was very unsettling to thousands of people. But she said she chooses love in the end, which many people choose not to hear. But anyway, I loved her speech. She also performed Express Yourself and Human Nature.

Check out the video for Madonna’s full speech!

Many people are upset about Madonna saying ‘fuck’, which is strange because worse things came out of Donald Trump’s mouth, but oh well. And her remark about blowing up The White House wasn’t really the best thing to say. But then again, anything can come out of someone’s mouth when they’re angry. And she expressed anger. Madonna posted a statement on her Instagram profile saying that she is far from a violent person and that she’s all about starting a revolution of love.

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