New game to my channel: Back To The Future!

Hey, everyone!

I have decided to make some changes on my YouTube channel and branch out a little. I have been making hundreds of The Sims 4 speed build videos, with an occasional room build, create a Sim and tutorials. I have been thinking about adding some other games to my channel for so called “Let’s Plays” and the first new game I have added to my channel is the Back To The Future game!

I am pretty excited to have added this game, because I love the movies, and it’s a nice little change as well! I will put all the game play videos for Back To The Future in a separate playlist and future episodes of the “Let’s Play” will all be placed in there.

Check it out!

I will definitely add more games to my channel in the near future. It depends on which games my computer can handle at the moment. Currently I am also considering adding the South Park game to my channel. I will keep my subscribers posted on Twitter and also on my blog!

Again, I am really excited for this little change. Usually, people don’t like change. Most people are subscribed to my channel because of The Sims 4! But, a change can be good! :)

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