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The 20th anniversary of Ellen’s coming out!

“The Puppy Episode” was the title of the two part episode of the sitcom Ellen, which aired on US television on April 30th 1997. I remember it so well. I was barely seventeen years old when I saw Ellen’s “coming out” episode, twenty years ago. Back then I was already struggling with my ownsexuality, but Ellen’s coming out has taught me and inspired me so much, especially the following years after that.

I was already a fan of the sitcom ever since it started back in 1994. I remember always recording episodes on tape and I would watch it over and over. Since then I became a huge fan of Ellen.

Coming out wasn’t easy me. It isn’t easy for many people. And it took me a couple of years after the “Ellen” episode to really come to terms of who I am. But I made it through it.

I just wanted to write a little blog post, you know, to say thank you to Ellen. I doubt she will read this, but oh well.

Thank you, Ellen! For always being an inspiration to me, for always making me laugh when I need it the most. Because of you I learned that it is okay to different. I learned to love and accept myself for who I am. To live my truth. I learned to love and accept other for who they are. And I am very grateful for you, for being brave, for encouraging me and many others to be themselves, to always be kind and loving. You are an inspiration to thousands of people all around the world. Thank you!

Ofcourse Ellen didn’t let the 20th anniversary of her coming out pass by quietly! On The Ellen DeGeneres Show today she celebrated the groundbreaking television moment with Oprah, who played the therapist on the coming out episode, as well as other cast members from the sitcom!

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