Going to see Miranda Sings in Amsterdam!

Finally! I missed out on seeing Miranda Sings live in Amsterdam the last time she was here, but this time I am there! I just got my VIP ticket for Miranda Sings live in Amsterdam, on September 21st! I am going alone, which is not good for my anxiety, but I am going to suck it up and enjoy her show! To those who don’t know, Miranda Sings is a self acclaimed YouTube celebrity! She’s a singer, dancer, actress, magician, model, etc. and she’s letting everyone know that she is the bomb dot com! She has her own series on Netflix called Haters Back Off and has millions of subscribers and views on YouTube, because she is very talented… Okay, well, we all know that the character of Miranda Sings is not a real person, I mean ‘duh’. But she is hilarious!

The person behind Miranda Sings is Colleen Ballinger and she’s one of my favourite YouTubers! I watch her videos every day, as well as her sister’s and her brother’s, who has the best family vlogging channel, ever! I just love all the Ballingers!

I am really excited to see her show. I’ll bring my Miranda Sings book ‘Selp Helf’ for her to sign! And since I have a VIP ticket, I get to have a meet and greet with her as well and I am so excited! It will be freakin’ awesome. I got some time to mentally prepare myself, because having social anxiety can be a pain in the ass. But I am going to try and keep my head up and enjoy myself! All for Miranda, baby!

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