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Let’s Play The Sims 4: The Mckays – Next Generation

What’s up, everyone! How are you all doing today?

I am very excited to start a new Let’s Play series on my channel of The Sims 4! The previous Let’s Play will be discontinued, unfortunately, because I lost the save file of the game play when I was having computer problems a while back.

But I am happy to have come up with a new Let’s Play that is kind of picking things up from my previous series with a little time jump. The title for my new Let’s Play series will be called ‘The McKays – Next Generation’. It’s where the child Sim from my first Let’s Play is all grown up, married and he has a kid of his own now and a cute little dog!

Here’s a little introduction video of my new upcoming Let’s Play series, and I hope you will tune it to watch it on my channel!

So, there’s Jaeden McKay, his wife Sophia McKay and their son Wyatt McKay. Jack McKay is their cute little chihuahua they adopted. They live in a spacious house in Oasis Springs. Jaeden is a social media star and a writer, Wyatt is still going to school and Sophia love to paint and will soon start a career at a vet clinic. They might try for a second child in the near future when Wyatt is a little older. They might even adopt more pets as well. What will happen further, we shall see.

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