The cast of The Foster on The Ellen Show

The end of The Fosters is near and (finally!) the whole cast of the show made an appearance on The Ellen Show today! Better late than never. The cast made a brief appearance to play the ‘Blindfolded Musical Chairs’ game and it was hilarious! They also chatted about who took stuff from the set of the show and Ellen also gave an awesome ‘wrap’ gift to the cast that they have to share with each other.

Check out the whole cast of The Fosters on The Ellen Show!

I have always felt that The Fosters is such an underrated show. I’m glad Ellen finally decided to have the cast of this awesome show over for some fun and laughs. Because The Fosters is just an awesome show that everyone needs to watch! I have learned so much from the show and I am still sad that the show will end this year. But, I am looking forward to the spin-off this summer and see Callie and Mariana’s new adventures.

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