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Haters Back Off – Official Trailer

Get ready, people! Miranda Sings is ready for her close-up! The official trailer for Haters Back Off just got released by Netflix and it looks freakin’ awesome! The show will be released on Netflix on October 14th, worldwide, so…


Sending love to Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans

This is heartbreaking! My favourite YouTuber, Colleen Ballinger, is divorcing her husband, Joshua Evans. I have been following their lives and watching both their channels for years and I have always thought they were one hell of a power…

Television YouTube

Haters Back Off – Meet Miranda Sings

Okay, I already know Miranda Sings, because I have been following her and watching her videos on YouTube for several years now. To those who don’t know who Miranda Sings is, well, check out this little feature that Netflix…


Joey Graceffa coming out?

Joey Graceffa, a very well known YouTuber who I have been watching for three years now, released his music video for his latest song ‘Don’t Wait’. He released it yesterday on his birthday (happy birthday, Joey!) and it gives his viewers…

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Big changes on my YouTube channel

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog. I have been pretty busy. I want to inform you that I have made some drastic changes on my channel on YouTube. As…