Here’s a tutorial on how to create pastel toned pictures using my favorite photo editing app at the moment, called VSCO Cam! VSCO Cam is available for iOS and Android devices for FREE! With additional presets you can purchase.

I’m using a picture of a vintage camera. Here is the original picture and below is the picture with the final result.


Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset


Before I start the tutorial, please be advised that it’s not possible to create soft pastel toned images on just any picture. It doesn’t work when there are a lot of dark areas in a picture. You wanna use a picture where good lighting is used. Nothing too over exposed or too dark.

I’m not really good at writing tutorials, so I will try to write it as clear and understandable as possible.

Just to be clear. This tutorial is based on editing the featured image above. Depending on the image you will use, you can play around with the settings to get the best results. For the result on the picture above, I used the VSCO Cam Street Etiquette preset SE1. The Street Etiquette preset bundle is available to download within VSCO Cam for FREE. Here’s the step by step process I had to go through using VSCO Cam.

1. Import the image in VSCO Cam

2. Select the Street Etiquette SE1 preset.

3. Tap on the wrench icon to edit your image with further adjustments.


4. Select the Exposure setting and increase it with 4 dots.


5. Select the Temperature setting and decrease it with 3 dots.


6. Select the Contrast setting and increase it with 2 dots.


7. Select the Tint setting and fully increase it with 6 dots.


8. Select the Saturation setting and increase with 2 dots.


9. Select the Highlights setting and choose orange on the left. Tap on it and you can adjust the intensity of the highlight. Increase it with 5 dots.



10. Select the Shadows setting and choose purple on the left. Tap on it and and fully increase it with 12 dots.



And voila! That’s all there is to it!

Again, these are just the steps that I used for the image showed above. You can try and play around with the VSCO Cam settings and change the exposure and saturation, until you have the results you feel is best. You could also try out different shadow and highlight tints. There is also a Fade option you can use. It’s ofcourse also depending on the image you’re using to edit. Some of these settings may not even be applicable.

I think the result is pretty good. At least it’s close to a pastel toned picture. What do you think?

Anyway, thank you for checking out this tutorial. If you have any other tips or suggestions with VSCO Cam, or maybe another app, feel free to post your comments/feedback below. I would also love to see your pastel creations, so if you have anything you want to show off, you can post the link in the comment. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It’s not my strongest skill, but I hope you liked it. Ta-ta for now!