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Nov 21 2014

Random November pictures

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Just a few random pictures of myself and some random stuff from this month! :) I edited these all with my favorite app called VSCO Cam! I hope everyone has an awesome and prosper Saturday!







Aug 27 2014

I’m Vectorized

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I was trying to be creative with this new app that I discovered called VectorSnap! You can basically import any picture and automatically vectorize it with just a few taps. With your vectorized image you can edit it further with other iPhoneography apps. You can make nice little artsy vector creations, without using expensive illustration software.



These two images was edited further with Phonto and Adobe Photoshop Touch. Fancy, fancy! I love it.

Aug 8 2014

Just call me Ledusa

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Oh, the things I do when I’m bored. I discovered this cool app in the iTunes AppStore called Epica and you can add awesome layers/masks on your pictures. I’m not Medusa, but you can call me Ledusa! Lame, I know! LOL.


The app is available in the AppStore for free. There are plenty of free layers you can use, as well as purchase premium layers in the app.

I made a few more, but I love the Medusa one best. Another one turned out awesome, but it’s gruesome. I might post it later, tho.

Alrighty, this is Ledusa signing off! :)

Jul 16 2014

I’m Chromecasting

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Hey, everyone!

Today is my final day of being 33 and I already got my little birthday present from my mom and dad today! I got the the Google Chromecast and I’m very happy with it.

I just plug it in one of the HDMI ports and I set it up through my WiFi and now I’m able to use my iPhone and iPad to stream Netflix and other goodies wireless to my TV. It is working like a charm and I love it!

Thank you, mom and dad!




Jul 10 2014

Journaling is a must – Day One App

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Hello, everyone!

How are you all doing today? I hope everyone is doing great and well.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I keep a journal where I write down my thoughts, feelings and experiences in life. And I must say that keeping a journal is something that I highly recommend to anyone. It’s not only fun to keep track of your daily happenings, but it can also be very therapeutic. Especially when you’re struggling with feelings and emotions, journaling helps you to write it off of you.

I am keeping my own journal on my iPad. Now, it’s better to write it on with pen and paper, but these days, who got time for that, right?

On my iPad I use the brilliant and amazing app called Day One. It is currently only available on iOS devices.



What I love about Day One is that I can sync my complete journal wirelessly on my other iOS devices, such as my iPhone or iPod Touch, but also on my Macbook Pro.

You can add a picture to your journal entry, get the current weather stats and save them in your entry and your Day One journal is totally private and for your eyes only, since you can setup a passcode that you can enter whenever you start the app.

I’ve used another app on my iPhone previously, called Momento, but they aren’t that good with providing updates. Momento doesn’t have the option to sync between devices and they don’t have an iPad version of the app. They have informed that they are working on an iPad version of the app, but it’s been roughly two years!

I am sticking to Day One. It’s easy to use, it has a clean interface and they update the app regularly by adding new features and such.

Day One is available in the iTunes AppStore for $6,99/€ 5,99 and it is well worth the money, in my opinion.




Day One provides:

Superior writing experience
• Clean, distraction-free interface
• Quick entry window in menu bar (Mac version)
• Multi-Markdown text formatting
• Full screen mode
• Privacy passcode lock
• Photographic entries
• Command-line interface for power users

Each Day One entry automatically tracks:
• Photo EXIF data
• Temperature and weather data
• Locations (GPS and Foursquare Places)
• Time and date
• Activity data – Motion and step count (iPhone 5s)
• Music playing (Displays music tracked in iOS app)

• Customized writing reminders
• Inspirational quotes and questions (Mac version)

• Search by keyword
• Create tags and #hashtags
• Star favorite entries
• Browse past entries by calendar, timeline, maps, and more

Sync and Backup
• Sync entries across all your Mac devices with Dropbox or iCloud (iOS sync with purchase of iOS app)
• Backup/PDF export (with date range and tag filters) and Printing
• Automated local backups

• Tweet entries
• Check-in with Foursquare (iOS version)
• Email entries (PDF, HTML, or Plain Text)